Yo where's the cappadonna post? Keep this ish UP! SOOOOOOO

I’m about to get back on this shit. I’m inspired. I may just talk about that “Winter Warz” verse for 3000 words, but I’m back on this motherfucker. Expect a ‘Donna post within weeks.

Witness Killa Sin’s finest hour, supplemented by Rae, Mr. Mef and Suave and Stickyfingaz from Onyx. There’s a great rap duel by Stickyfingaz and Meth in here, and it’s infinitely better if you watch the video.

A great 4th Disciple beat and middling flows from the various MCs: This is what Killarmy is all about. And yes, that is the RZA on that throne, making his minions debase themselves for his pleasure. Ever humble, our Mr. Diggs.

Hey man, loving this blog, the Wu weed carriers are a topic discussed often with my mates. Any idea how 12 O'Clock got the rap name 12 O'Clock? My best guess is that he probably sleeps in all the time, so one day RZA christens him 12 O'Clock because "it's not until 12 O'Clock that you even think about getting up out of bed son." Guaranteed the actual story is much crazier than that! Keep up the good work.


That’s as good a guess as any, and I’m going to go with it because that’s basically my sleep schedule too. My scouring of the internets for 12 O’Clock-related information didn’t turn anything up. Maybe when this blog (with its highly relevant and topical subject matter that speaks to the youth of today) blows up and I get interviews with all these dudes I can ask him.

Yo y’all niggas is foul man! How you gon let your mans step outside G and have that little white shit in his mouth and shit and he out here kicking it wit y’all. Like he just ate mad fuckin Cornflakes or sumthin. Dried up milk around the side of his mouth like he stuck his tongue in a bottle of powder. Nahmean y’all niggaz, that ain’t right son. A nigga come around if thats your boy man holla at him. Tell son to get that booger out his nose. Tell son to get that muthafuckin “Yo wipe your mouth son” yall niggas just gon sit there and see a nigga with food on his teeth or something and not say nothing. Nahmean you might not have seen this nigga in years, you gon’ let him go head & go to church with that shit on his lips on his teeth or wherever the fuck he going and shit. Know what I’m sayin. Nigga going to the fight with greens on his teeth! Nah mean. Nigga going to the Floyd fight with Collard greens on his back tooth or something and shit. Y’all niggas see that shit nigga! Let that nigga know son. You know what I’m sayin? Stop frontin man. THATS NOT NICE! That’s not a nice thing to do man. If its me son and I got a fuckin booger on my nose or something like that man holla at the boy man! Tell me like “Yo Tone, thats not looking real right, right there my nigga! Get that green kick ball out your fucking nose or somethin nigga.” Nahmean? I’ma be like “Oh shit! Word? Oh aight true! True! You got it mah dude! You know, thats what it is. Good lookin! Good Lookin! Word up. I was just about to go step to that bitch right there son.” Nah mean? Word up man SET ME FREE MAN! On some Martin Luther King shit.
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I have no idea what the Brooklyn Zu had to do to get RZA to produce a track for them, but it was worth it.

This is Shorty Shitstain! Shorty Shitstain is his name.

This is Shorty Shitstain! Shorty Shitstain is his name.

Know Your Weed Carriers, Part Three: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

It seems only natural to follow up the spotlight on Ol’ Dirty’s cousin 12 O’Clock with a look at the rest of Dirt McGirt’s weed carrying posse, the Brooklyn Zu. Whereas being Method Man’s weed caddy most likely involves a lot of video games and carrying for the RZA means you probably have to have some decent chess skills, being in Big Baby Jesus’ posse means that you have to be prepared to do all manner of crazy shit at any given time, while carrying large quantities of drugs. The man’s rap sheet speaks for itself; he’s been shot in the ass, arrested for stealing sneakers, and, sadly, was busted with drugs twice in the same year, 1999. We’ll never know why Dirt didn’t always keep a trusty weed carrier on hand; he was one unpredictable motherfucker and that was part of his mystique.

In this, the third part of a series both exciting and edifying, we’ll meet the men that carried Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s weed, when he remembered to hand it to them.

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Hey, it’s 12 O’Clock! He might be the poor man’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but that doesn’t mean he sucks.

Hey, it’s 12 O’Clock! He might be the poor man’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but that doesn’t mean he sucks.

Spotlight: 12 O’Clock

As a member of the Brooklyn Zu, the weed-holding posse of a man whose prodigious appetite for mind-altering substances was well-known, the magnificent Ol’ Dirty Bastard, 12 O’Clock’s duties as a caddy were undoubtedly more high-impact than many of his brethren. While Streetlife and Carlton Fisk were lounging on Method Man’s couch, playing Playstation and working their way through stacks of Marvel Comics, interrupted only by the occasional delivery call for Henny, pizza or Chinese, 12 O’Clock would have been getting up to… whatever you get up to when you’re part of Big Baby Jesus’ entourage. Crime and abject lunacy, basically. With Dirty’s posse essentially being the Special Forces of Wu-Tang weed carriers, you’d expect that skills like “fighting dudes,” “stonewalling the police” and “fleeing crime scenes” would rank higher on the list of prerequisites for employment than, say, “lyrical aptitude.” Add in the whiff of nepotism from the fact that 12 O’Clock is Dirt McGirt’s actual cousin, and you could be forgiven for assuming that he sucks.

However, you would be dead wrong in that assumption.

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