Hey man, loving this blog, the Wu weed carriers are a topic discussed often with my mates. Any idea how 12 O'Clock got the rap name 12 O'Clock? My best guess is that he probably sleeps in all the time, so one day RZA christens him 12 O'Clock because "it's not until 12 O'Clock that you even think about getting up out of bed son." Guaranteed the actual story is much crazier than that! Keep up the good work.


That’s as good a guess as any, and I’m going to go with it because that’s basically my sleep schedule too. My scouring of the internets for 12 O’Clock-related information didn’t turn anything up. Maybe when this blog (with its highly relevant and topical subject matter that speaks to the youth of today) blows up and I get interviews with all these dudes I can ask him.